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Photo-a-Day: #Celebrate

April 2, 2015


I have no idea where these maracas came from, but they sure livened up the afternoon!

It’s Holy Week. I never really know what my attitude should be during Holy Week.

I suppose you could make a good case for somber solemnity, but I can’t help it that I’m one of the Easter people who knows how this week ends! Easter is coming and I’m grateful, once again, that its coming is not dependent on my faithfulness throughout Lent.


Photo-a-Day: #See

March 29, 2015


For a brief moment, “Palm Sword” Sunday was filled with wonder for this little boy.

Photo-a-Day: #Celebrate

March 26, 2015


Well, this one speaks for itself!

A young learner made an Easter card for a friend during Sunday’s Intergenerational Sunday School. She used her thumb prints for the bunnies.

Photo-a-Day: #Place

March 26, 2015


Jason and I have not been secretive about our current plan to move wherever I am called in three or so years when I graduate from UDTS with my Masters of Divinity Degree and am a candidate for ministry, but our reason has nothing to do with a dislike for where we currently live. I love living in Henderson, KY and this place will be hard to leave. I took this photo from one of my favorite vantage points in Henderson, the Third Street boat ramp.

Photo-a-Day: #Light

March 26, 2015


Of course, don’t let my last post fool you. On sunny days, I’m still figuring out how to lie in the sunshine for a bit. Glad to have hammock days and the sunlight back.

Photo-a-Day: #Endure

March 26, 2015

Well, I basically disappeared from Lent.

I mean, I haven’t been completely unfaithful to my practices, but I sure haven’t been posting my pictures. Part of it is because I have a new laptop and I can’t get my photostream to sync up right so if I want to take a pic with my phone and post it on my blog I either have to use a pretty fair-weather wordpress app that I don’t really like or I have to email the pic, download the pic, then post the pic. Does that make me sound lazy? I’m a little bit lazy about it.

But also, I’ve added seminary classes to my life this year and well…I have not done as great of a job this year creating and keeping time for photos and reflecting on photos and writing.

However, I’m determined to endure. Sure, I’m like 9 days behind, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some of the pictures I’ve taken with the word of each day in mind.

I might feel a bit like this young lady who walked into the church gym for after school club last week and collapsed on the floor and stayed there (carrying on conversations and laughing at jokes) for about 15 minutes (“It’s so cool on this floor and I’m too tired to get up!).


Photo-a-Day: #Wilderness

March 16, 2015


Today was a great day to be a kid out exploring. Here are a few of our after school ministry kids checking out the water levels down at the Henderson, KY Ohio Riverfront.

Photo-a-Day: #Celebrate

March 15, 2015


This is my “little sister,” Katie. I know–she’s grown up!

Katie is in the seventh grade, is 13 years old, and is a Cadette Girl Scout in Troop 1884 (the troop I lead). Last year, Katie sold over 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, after she set her goal at 350 (which seemed like a lot of cookies).

This year, Katie set her goal at 1000. One Thousand. ONE THOUSAND BOXES of Samoas and Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Trefoils and all the other flavors. She wanted to sell 1000 boxes of cookies because she wanted to get the theme park tickets that come as a prize at that level.

When she told me her goal, I bit down on my tongue. That seemed like a huge goal–nearly impossible, I thought. But I remembered the year before and decided I was going to encourage her and hope she wasn’t too disappointed with however many boxes she sold. “Wow, that’s a lot of cookies!” is what I said.

Today, I took Katie to lunch to celebrate her selling 1,050+ boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. With the help of her dedicated Momma, Kim, and the support of our Troop Cookie Chair, Jeannie, she did it! I’m so proud of her!

And she’s planning her trip to King’s Island!

Photo-a-Day: #Search

March 15, 2015


When making a fun gift with jelly beans, one sweet child noted that her mom loves the black jelly beans and searched through the bowls of jelly beans to find black ones just for her. May we all be so thoughtful and kind!

Note: I like the black jelly beans, too.

Photo-a-Day: #Practice

March 13, 2015


I barely survived this children’s handbell practice. Do you see that row of boys in the front? They like to keep things interesting for me.