10 Grocery Shopping With Jonas Things

Ten things Jonas said while we were grocery shopping last night:

1. No one’s chopped up Larry the cucumber yet. You’d think that might happen. He lives on a kitchen counter and rides a water buffalo.

2. This melon is like my head.

3. Do you think I’m annoying? You might by the time we reach the check out. I’m going to stay with you the whole time we’re here.

4. I’m a fruit fly!

5. Where’s Tallahassee? Weren’t Twinkies made in Tallahassee? Tallahassee is really fun to say. Tallahassee!

6. I don’t go to the toy aisle. I just look at the Legos. Legos aren’t in the toy aisle, they are in the collection section.


8. Am I still funny or am I annoying yet?

9. Charlie Sheen…he’s a loser. A loser doing drugs and alcohol. Hey, who’s this guy? (Me: Charlie Sheen) Oh.

On the way home:

10. Hey, isn’t this annoying? (as he crinkles the cellophane wrapper from his pack of gum) How come it doesn’t annoy you? (My answer: God created me to work with kids and I can take a lot of kid stuff). I don’t think God created me for anything. I don’t think I have any gifts or talents like everyone else.

Which gave us a chance to talk about all of the gifts and talents he does, in fact, have. Like the sense of humor I enjoyed while we were grocery shopping.

One thought on “10 Grocery Shopping With Jonas Things”

  1. That's why God placed you and Jonas together. No one else could be the great MOM you are to him except the one and only awesome Becky. You touch so many children's lives and inspire many future eagles to soar. Thank you Becky for all you do for our youth. God created a gem, a treasure, a rare resource for teaching our youth, and placed you right here in our community. We're so blessed.

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