10 Jonas Things

Today is Jonas’ 12th birthday! Here are ten wonderful things about Jonas:

1. He asks really good questions. He always has.

2. He can be a difficult child at times, but those difficult moments make the sweet ones that much better. Most of the time when I hug him, he stands with his arms crossed. Occasionally, he joyfully throws his arms around me out of the blue. One instance makes the other one more genuine and wonderful.

3. His refusal to cut his hair. I know it drives Jason crazy that his hair’s all shaggy, but I love his spunk. This child isn’t easily talked into doing things he doesn’t want to do. Sometimes, that’s really tough for us. In this case, it’s just hair. Viva la revolution!

4. He has an incredible sense of humor for a 12 year old. I’m often amazed at how he makes funny connections and how witty he is.

5. He is the reason Jason and I met.

6. He’d rather play than…anything, really.

7. He has good taste in music most of the time. He has a natural rhythm and he loves to sing, bang on the piano and drum on the walls. It makes me think there’s a song running around in his body all the time and he’s just trying to get it out there.

8. He loves animals. They love him, too.

9. He puts pancake syrup on his scrambled eggs.

10. He’s smart, creative and inventive. He has a great imagination and spending time with him is fun and funny.

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  1. I believe with your wisdom he will grow to be a witness for his generation. Becky, you are more beautiful than I can describe. Your dedication to the Lord and students amazes me.

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