10 Joyful Things

Ten things that make me joyful

1. Knowing God’s love, grace and mercy in my life.

2. When Jonas does the right thing without any parental prompting.

3. A night at home with my family.

4. The first sip of coffee each morning.

5. When I come home after a long day or a long trip and Sam is so happy to see me and I know I’ve been missed.

6. When my issue of Mental Floss comes.

7. Jason doing “the robot” to random songs–slow songs, fast songs, country songs, children’s songs, songs he makes up on the spot…

8. When I witness kids in my youth group/campus club/children’s ministry grow in their faith and live out their calling from God.

9. A message or note from someone I miss.

10. Playing board/card/fun games with Mom, Jeff, Carly, Jason, Jonas and our friends.