10 Office Things

Ten things in my office that have been there since before me (who cares about the order?):

1. The desk

2. “Way Out Ideas For Youth Groups” by Mike Yaconelli and Wayne Rice

3. The Rolodex (for those of you born after 1990, that’s how people used to keep track of their phone numbers in an office. Mine is dusty and the only reason I ever open it is when I can’t remember the name of the company that fixes our computers when
they break.)

4. A photo album with pictures of the Hoffman Hall dedication

5. A box of “Pick and Choose” activities for Youth Ministry

6. Tape dispenser

7. A CD of Country Karaoke

8. The sprinklers (I wonder if they work…?)

9. File Cabinet

10. The door (but not all of it–the property committee keeps sanding it down when it expands in the summer and won’t shut all the way. For like 10 years, they have sanded my door every summer. When it’s all been sanded away, I’ll know it’s time to get another job.)

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