10 Podcasts

I listen to Podcasts (that I download from iTunes) regularly. I love them for two reasons: there are so many of them that are interesting, entertaining or informative and they are free, which is my very favorite price!

Ten Podcasts I subscribe to and listen to regularly:

1. Stuff You Should Know (from howstuffworks.com)

2. NPR’s “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” (the very best thing on radio and in podcasting, in my opinion)

3. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

4. This American Life

5. APM: Dinner Party Download

6. Stuff Mom Never Told You (from howstuffworks.com)

7. Modern Manners Guy

8. TEDTalks

9. NPR: All Songs Considered

10. God Complex Radio

One thought on “10 Podcasts”

  1. Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me is hilarious. The host and guest are so cleverly funny.

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