10 Potential Titles

February 19, 2010

Ten potential titles of my non-existent autobiography (in no particular order)

1. Pineapple Pizza and Cherry Kool-aid Perfection

2. I Still Have All The Cool Marbles

3. All You Need Is Love. And Coffee. And A Sense Of Humor.

4. I Do Not Like Camping…No, I Won’t Like It If I Try It Again

5. Save the Drama for Your Mama

6. Friends Are Friends Forever…So Is Glitter

7. Live Chickens and Children’s Sermons Do Not Mix

8. The Way I Act Is Not Jesus’ Fault

9. When You’re the Youth Director, You Can Plan the Activity

10. Peanut Butter M&Ms…Pretty Much Awesome!

4 responses to 10 Potential Titles

  1. LOL- Camping always sounds like fun until you're doing it. Didn't we go camping together the summer after graduation?

  2. Ha–YES! We did. Don't tell my husband. He thinks I should go camping with him twice for every time I ever went with anyone else.

  3. #6, #8, #10….You need a 3 volume autobiography so that you can use them all. Or perhaps they can be chapter titles?

  4. Jenny, guess which chapter would be yours? 😉 (Yes! I'd give you a WHOLE chapter!)