10 Reasons I’d Rather Not Be Famous

1. I’m bad at self-promotion.

2. I don’t like crowds.

3. I’m not photogenic.

4. I’d forever be caught without makeup and end up in US magazine.

5. I’d ramble on ridiculously when Dave or Jay interviewed me. Seriously, I can’t even do an interview with the Gleaner without saying 7 idiotic things (that they usually, kindly, forget.)

6. I always lose my sunglasses.

7. I’d trip in my heels on the red carpet.

8. I keep too much stuff in my purse and a dog won’t fit.

9. I’d probably say something smart a(lecky) to or about Paris or Perez.

10. It sounds kind of…obnoxious.

One thought on “10 Reasons I’d Rather Not Be Famous”

  1. I still delude myself into thinking I want the famous life. I know influence is found in Hollywood.
    We only live once. I want to influence and encourage as many people as I can in this life. Most Americans watch TV. Most Americans will be preached to by a "famous person". But, I understand that fame often comes at a steep cost.

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