10 Things Happening Right Now

Ten things that are happening right now (and making this week kind of overwhelming):

1. We have more than 150 girls signed up for the Girl Scout Sleepover on Friday night.

2. I no longer have an after school assistant and need to figure out how to hire one as soon as possible.

3. The Presbytery’s High School Mission Trip deadline was yesterday and I’m still trying to sort out my list.

4. Everyone made their New Year’s Resolutions and now the YMCA is full all the time.

5. We need to figure out a new plan for the church website and people are requesting my help with this matter.

6. We’re meeting my dad for lunch on Saturday and I haven’t done that Christmas shopping yet…(oops…)

7. Jonas is with us all week, which is more awesome, less overwhelming.

8. Girl Scout cookies went on sale on Saturday.

9. School’s back in session and the schedule returns to normal and I don’t feel like I got a break. Probably because I did not actually get a break.

10. ACT Club starts back up at South Middle this morning!

2 thoughts on “10 Things Happening Right Now”

  1. Nothing better than a busy Becky! You have so many gifts!! Like I say to many– don't sit by me and say you are bored!

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