10 Things I Love About Ministry

God has called me to an odd profession, but also to one that I love. Ten things I love about my work and ministry:

1. I do something different every day. No two weeks look exactly the same.

2. I get to work with kids and teenagers at all stages of development.

3. Fun activities are part of the job! Water parks, mission trips, movie trips, dodge ball, zip lines, Catch Phrase–all required activities!

4. Those AHA! moments–watching someone make an incredible discovery about himself, her calling, Jesus, the Bible. It’s incredible to be part of that.

5. I have a fairly flexible schedule.

6. Brainstorming and creating new ministries, activities, opportunities.

7. I have a really supportive church family who loves the students and children I serve.

8. Vacation Bible School is the bomb.com.

9. I work alongside a very talented, encouraging, mission-minded staff.

10. There are moments and days and weeks that are so hard. Yet, even when it’s tough and I’m not sure about my gifts and my talents, God’s grace sustains me. God has called me to this place and work and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.