10 Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery

Ten ways I would spend my lottery winnings (Yes, I know…you actually have to buy a ticket to win the lottery. This list is hypothetical. This list is a also a bit ridiculous. Therefore as blog author I declare that there is no judging of my list allowed. This list is in no particular order):

1. Buh-bye all forms of debt (including and especially Sallie Mae)

2. New House + Pool + Yard + Pool Heater + Yard Heater = Swimming all year

3. Give generously to lots of worthwhile places and causes that I care about

4. Fully funded college investment for Jonas

5. Get Sam the dog some BLING (do the kids still say “bling?” I’ll have to check on that.)

6. Sell Jason’s business and send him hiking (for real hiking, not kick him out hiking–it’s all he wants to do with his life)

7. Go on a tour of beaches

8. Start a scholarship program like the lady I saw on the Today Show who promised a class of kindergarten kids from an urban school that she would pay for their college educations if they would finish high school. That lady is one of my heroes.

9. Replace my stolen satellite radio (sure do miss it)

10. Hire a permanent full time assistant to do all the paperwork, mailings and phone calling I don’t want to do (I’m not gonna quit my job–I love my job!)