Tuesday Ten: Things I’d Like To Learn

1. How to play the guitar

2. Italian

3. How to raise saltwater fish

4. How to run a race (I’m working on it)

5. How to bake sweet potato fries without burning them

6. How to knit without making 5,000 mistakes

7. How to straighten my hair like Cindy at Shine does

8. How to gracefully stop my bike

9. How to cash a book advance check (ha…)

10. How to say witty things when they count and not just think of them much later

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: Things I’d Like To Learn”

  1. Interesting…..

    I want to learn sign language.
    I can teach how to stop your bike gracefully. (And not in the flying over the handlebars sort of way!)
    I think you should set a goal to do at least one of them in the next year. The race?

  2. Yep, maybe the race. I'm going to attempt to actually use the Couch to 5K app I added a few weeks ago–probably tomorrow morning I'll try day 1. I'm not sure running is a great idea for me because of knee trouble, but I'm not getting any younger and I figure I can at least try more than just a minute here, a minute there.

  3. I gotcha. Wear a knee brace. I know that doesn't solve the issue but it does help. I am not allowed to run due to the hip but that is one thing I so wish I could do. So run for me! 🙂 Wear good shoes, too. Good shoes are essential. 🙂

  4. Well…I just did the couch 2 5K day one…and barely survived. I'm going to do it again tomorrow or Thursday before I move on to day 2.

    I thought I was in better shape…it's a lot different running on the elliptical and running on actual pavement.

    But I did not die!

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