10 Things That Make a Great Friend

August 16, 2010

In honor of all the good friends God has graciously, wonderfully, and lovingly placed in my life: Ten things that make a good friend (in no particular order):

A good friend…

1. Listens well

2. Has a good sense of humor

3. Is concerned for others

4. Takes time to laugh with me or cry with me or celebrate with me or just be with me

5. Is honest (and gently honest when necessary)

6. Withholds judgment

7. Remembers past accomplishments and victories and reminds me of them

8. Knows when to keep his or her mouth shut

9. Isn’t jealous when good things happen to me

10. Stands by me in the hard times

One response to 10 Things That Make a Great Friend

  1. these sound like great qualities that you already have!