10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I took piano lessons from 5th grade thru 11th grade. No, I won’t play something for you.

2. I have a Sharpie collection/addiction.

3. I don’t eat seafood unless I’m on the coast.

4. My degree from UE is a B.A. in Religion.

5. I sleep with my iPod pumping noise to my earbuds which are in my ears all night long.

6. I have terrible eye-sight. My doctor thinks it’s a miracle he can correct it with contact lenses.

7. I’ve had both of my ears pierced in two places…but I hate wearing earrings so I let the holes close.

8. I write most of these blog entries over the weekend when I have time to clear my brain out. It’s too busy during the week to write coherently some times.

9. I talk to myself.

10. I love it that I’ll turn 33 this year because I love the number 3.