10 Ways I’d Spend $20

If I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk, I’d probably try to find the owner. But if that were not possible, here’s ten ways I’d spend it (selfishly because this is creative writing and the selfish list is more fun to write):

1. Cancun with Jason (the restaurant)

2. iTunes

3. A book

4. Bridgeview Coffee every morning for a week

5. Put it in the church backpack ministry account

6. Manicure

7. Socks

8. Cards and stationary

9. Half a tank of gas for the car

10. New ear buds (I go through a lot of ear buds)

How would you spend a found $20?

2 thoughts on “10 Ways I’d Spend $20”

  1. First of all….The other day ong FB you wrote that you were going to Cancun and I got all excited for you. Then the thought hit me that you probably meant a restaurant. Again, even though you quickly clarified on here, I read that and thought "She's not going to be able to go to Cancun on $20." Ay! I'm so silly sometimes!

    Second….I personally have a history of finding random amounts of cash on the ground. Large amounts even….the most being a $100 bill on my birthday in 2008. So, what do I do with it. Yes,I do try to see if there is any possible way of finding the person it belongs to. Usually it is somewhere random (parking lots are my main location for such finds)and that isn't possible. So, I usually just use it for whatever. in the past I've always been so incredibly broke that it was used for daily necessities. Thus, I always attributed it to God providing for me in unexpected ways. Hm, I may blog about random, unexpected but cool ways the Lord has provided for me in the past. Good reminders for me and great stories to share!

    I am on lunch break and am now officially rambling. 🙂

  2. I love it that that kind of stuff happens to you! Remember all the scratch offs? Grabby machines, money on the sidewalk, radio contests….:-)

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