15 Unforgettable Moments In My Life

10 15 moments in my life that I’ll never forget (I couldn’t narrow it down…and I probably could have added about 85 more):

1. The moment I realized that not everyone was my friend.

2. The moment of my first kiss.

3. The moment I was rear-ended and crashed into a car in front of me, wrecking the vehicle I was driving and realizing that I was hurt.

4. The moment I decided that I would follow Jesus.

5. The moment I stepped into my dorm room in Moore Hall.

6. The moment I left my college apartment for the last time (saying goodbye to my remaining roommates and friends and headed to “the real world”).

7. The moment I met Jason Durham (and Jonas, too)

8. The moment I told Jason that yes, I would marry him.

9. The moment the doors opened in the back of the church and my dad and I started walking down the aisle on my wedding day. (Which was exactly 8 years ago today–Happy Anniversary, honey!)

10. The moment I found out my parents were getting divorced.

11. The moment I stood up for what I knew was absolutely right and spoke the truth, even though it meant that everything would change and the future would be uncertain.

12. The moment I said goodbye to our interim minister and realized that I was senior staff at the church until further notice.

13. The moment I helped a kid face a problem that was way bigger than both of us and that I did not actually know how to solve.

14. The moment I woke up, realized I was 30 and that I was okay with that.

15. The moment I decided I like who God created me to be and that I really am willing to go wherever God calls me (or keeps me).

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