180 By New Year’s!

December 6, 2009

This is my husband. I do love my husband very much. He had a brilliant idea to do a Christmas Light drive tonight. We gathered up Wii and V and headed out for what turned into a really fun night. Our first stop, though, was Lics on Diamond Avenue in Evansville. Wii, V and I all got something to eat and/or drink. But not Jason, because he has a goal. 180 by New Year’s he kept saying.

Buuuuutttttt, then we passed a Little Caesars. And Jason realized that Wii had never had Crazy Bread. This seemed much too unfortunate. So he ran into LC and got “two sets of Crazy Bread!” Well, Crazy Bread is good, but the rest of us just wanted a little bit. So Jason made sure we didn’t waste any…

And then, since he had a full meal of Crazy Bread, it seemed like something sweet was in order. So we stopped by Schucks and Jason ran in for a candy bar.

Or, actually, three GIANT candy bars!

Oh, he does love chocolate…

Well, good luck with 180 by New Year’s!