2010: One For the History Books

PLEASE, let’s get it in the history books!

2010 has not been the best year ever for our family. Oh, sure, there were good days and highlights, but overall?

Let’s move on.

It’s been a year with a little too much drama, too many health issues, too many goodbyes, too much turmoil. It’s just been difficult overall.

What’s interesting is that I’ve heard several people say the same thing. I had lunch with a young lady the other day who declared that this has been “the worst year of my life!” Another person who is close to me told me a few weeks ago that this has been a “very difficult year.”

But New Year’s Day represents a brand new start!

2011 will start at the church. When I was dating Jason, we spent two New Year’s Eve’s at his church (once we got married, “my” church became “his” church which was then “our” church). At Jason’s church, they would gather around 8:00, worship, eat, each member would speak about the past year and the year ahead and then they would worship some more. Since then, New Year’s Eve has been a time with friends and family. We’ve never had standing, definite plans, but we always find something to do.

This year, our youth group and the youth group from First Presbyterian Owensboro are having a lock-in. I think it will be nice to start the year at church with people I love (and thankfully Jason’s coming).

Whatever you’re doing when the ball drops, I hope you’re with people who love you.