Oy. I’m busy. But I haven’t updated lately and I wanted to make sure I got that done. Between the Girl Scout cookie sale, preparing for another trip to Gulfport (we leave on March 10) and making arrangements for the high school mission trip this summer to Toronto (as well as planning how we’re going to raise $450 per person), as well as keeping up with the regular stuff that goes on…I’ve been lazy about blogging.

It was foggy and frosty here this morning, but now the sun is out. I love it when the sun comes out because everyone is in a better mood. This morning, I met with the FCA group at South and the topic for the day was prayer. It was an awesome discussion about why prayer is important. I love middle schoolers.

This weekend, I get to sit outside Walmart for 6 hours selling Girl Scout cookies to strangers while a bunch of 8 year olds sings the Girl Scout Cookie Song at top volume. That will rock.

I was watching “The Little Rascals” this weekend (while Aimee, Shanay and I cleaned the church nursery and disinfected all the toys during the church work day). Buckwheat said, “Dames are like a bad song. Once they get in your head, you can’t get them out.” The Girl Scout Cookie song is kind of like that, although I wouldn’t really classify it as a “bad song.” Just a song you don’t want in your head for weeks at a time.

We have eight adults headed to Gulfport in 11 days. Pray for us as we get ready to go and pray for the people we will help.

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  1. Let me just say that when you were here in Jan. and were talking about your trip it seemed like such a long time away. Now it’s less than 2 weeks! Time is ZIPPING by SO FAST! Wow! Keep us updated on how it goes!