Well, I did get MOST of the cleaning done. The art room at church looks a lot better anyway and I got rid of two large bags of junk. I tend to be a tosser rather than a saver. Some people can look at random scraps and leftover bits and think immediately of something to do with them. I save whatever will fit in the “scrap bins” for the kids to get creative with and toss all the rest. I’m like this at home, too. Jason is a saver. He keeps everything–and has a file for it! Seriously, name a Sunday and I’ll be able to tell you the sermon title because he has saved the bulletin in a file folder marked “bulletins.” I admire his discipline in this area, but all the same there are some things that I just can’t worry about saving (the birthday card from the dentist, for example…). I suppose that’s just another way in which we balance each other out!

My mom is almost completely moved into her house. She still has a few things to wrap up at her apartment but after today she should be done. I’m really happy for her and her house is so cute!

This morning we had breakfast at IHOP and went to Artex to buy some school uniforms. Every year we do this and every year, as we’re leaving, Jason grumbles, “I should have gone into the school uniform business…” Now the boys are playing Ultimate Frisbee at Audubon Park with the cub scouts.

I wish I had something witty to say…but I don’t. So have a good weekend!

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  1. I’m so shocked Jason is a “saver”! (That as intended sarcastically!) I used to be that way but then just had an epiphany one day that led to the realization that I don’t need the birthday card from the dentist. I just don’t! But that day I probably threw 25 away.

    I’m glad your mom is feeling better and that she is more moved in. Has the painting started yet?

  2. Nope–no painting just yet. Get the boxes unloaded and the rooms together, first.

  3. Diane rocks…