3 Months

If I took three months off from my full time ministry/work (and did not need to worry about money…and could take my family along with me), I would do one of the following things…

Travel! I’d love to travel through Europe–England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden (Hi Katie!), Spain, France, Italy, Greece. I’d love to go back to Israel. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Three months to travel and explore? I’d love that.

Head for a beach retreat! Different from traveling in that I’d find a stretch of beach, settle in by the water and not relocate for three months.

Take classes! Do a semester of some kind of educational endeavor. It seems like it would be nearly impossible to add classes to my already full schedule, but I sure do wish I could go back to school.

Mission work! I’d love to be part of a mission adventure (I mean, my youth mission trips each summer are great, but it would be fantastic to be a part of an adult team and work for longer than a few days).

Volunteer! I do a lot of volunteering already, but I’d love to be able to concentrate on one big project or just give a little extra to the projects that I love.

Write a book! I’m not sure that my thoughts are organized enough to actually do this (hello! Have you spent a lot of time here? I tend to jump all over the place!), but it’s fun to think about giving it a shot.

Read, drink coffee, travel to visit with friends, write here and there, play with the dog, spend lots of time at home, not attend meetings! Enough said.

What would you do with three free months?

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