38 Things

Today is Jason’s 38th birthday!

Happy birthday to my best friend! It’s a day when we celebrate how OLD SPECIAL he is! I’m so glad that he is so much older than me another year older!

When we were first in love and first married, I would tell him that I loved him and he would ask, “What do you love about me?” So here are 38 things I love about Jason (in no particular order):

1. He is a wonderful father.

2. He is so incredibly goofy and he can always, always, always make me laugh (even when I really don’t feel like laughing).

3. He loves puns.

4. He knows how to laugh at himself and doesn’t mind making jokes about himself if it makes someone else feel better.

5. He shovels the driveway of the elderly woman across the street.

6. He likes my cooking.

7. He knows how to make awesome lego creations, awesome play doh creations, and he’s really good at coloring.

8. He sends me messages to tell me he’s thinking about me.

9. He takes pictures of me when I’m wearing my glasses and have messy hair and declares them his very favorite pictures (and then I usually delete them, so he takes more).

10. He starts my car for me on cold mornings.

11. Once, when I took a bad driver’s license picture (I had a pirate eye thing gong on), he went to renew his license and took a picture the same way. The lady behind the counter kept trying to get him to smile normally, but he refused because he wanted us to match.

12. He carefully and competently handles all of our finances and does not complain that I hardly help at all with this.

13. He encourages me when I feel very discouraged.

14. He participates in Jonas’ school activities and makes sure Jonas’ teachers know who he is.

15. He loves to wash the cars, even in the winter.

16. He quietly gives his time and money to people and situations that need it. He does not expect anyone to recognize or acknowledge this.

17. He tries to keep plants alive so we will have green things in our house.

18. He does laundry (folds it, too!), washes dishes and vacuums regularly.

19. He helps me lead youth activities and has slept on the floor of the church almost as many times as I have.

20. He gives me a reality check when I get dramatic.

21. He loves snow.

22. Although I take most of the family pictures, it is Jason who orders them and organizes them in albums by date. He has one for every school year.

23. He is a brilliant business person and has built a business he loves to run. His customers like him and I have never heard a bad comment about his work.

24. He buys me chocolate even when I tell him I don’t need it. “No one needs chocolate,” he replies as he hands me my favorite candy bar.

25. He likes Letterman better than Leno.

26. He loves our pets.

27. He knows that life isn’t about how much money or how many things we have.

28. He reads my blog even though it’s “too long.”

29. He likes to talk to people and learn about what’s going on in their lives.

30. He says “munster” instead of “monster.”

31. He is a good friend. He will go to great lengths to help a friend in need.

32. He thinks about problems and situations creatively. He can usually see a solution or potential outcome that I’ve missed. I usually run my ideas by him first because I know that he’ll give me good advice and suggestions for making them better.

33. He is patient with me and does not raise his voice, even when he’s really upset with me.

34. He’ll listen to me talk about Bible passages, sermon topics, stupid things that happened and rant about injustices or things that make me angry.

35. He once wrote me a 46 page love letter in a small spiral bound notebook and fastened it to my apartment doorknob with a ponytail holder. It’s one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.

36. He is always there when we need him. He is always sacrificing his time and his resources.

37. He’s hot.

38. He loves me and respects me and makes sure that I know it every day.

Happy Birthday, Jason! You are loved, for sure.

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  1. that is so sweet! Jason, you ARE a good friend and Becky is a lucky girl.
    Beck, its ok, I have the pirate eye thing going on too!

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