4 Things To Pray 4

January 27, 2006


I have some things that you can pray for, since I know y’all love to talk to Jesus!

1) Our church has a new interim minister. He starts on Monday, February 11. His name is Dr. John Skelly and I will meet him for the first time on this coming Monday when he comes to look for an apartment. Pray for our church and pray for their youth director because I’m a little bit nervous and a lot thrilled all at the same time.

2) I just got home from DNOW. Disciple NOW is a weekend long collaboration of several churches in Henderson and the surrounding area. There are about 300 teenagers participating in this event. We had opening worship tonight and they are staying at host homes throughout Henderson tonight and tomorrow night. There are workshops, ice skating and more worship tomorrow. There are four students from our church participating: Mary, Sarah, Harrison and Whitney. Pray for them and for the other students. Tonight’s opening was awesome! I had absolutely nothing to do with DNOW planning, because I just couldn’t add another event to my plate, but it was still completely wonderful to see 300 teenagers worshipping tonight. Krymson is the worship band, Tyra Lokey is the Creative Ministries leader, and Josh Finklea is the speaker. They did an awesome job tonight.

3) There are several pastoral care issues in our church right now, and that is particularly stressful since we are a little bit lacking in the pastoral department. Pray especially for two families dealing with death and three people we have in the hospital.

4) Pray for my brother Jeff who is still ministering in Thailand. I spoke to Jonas’ class about Uncle Jeff and what he does as a missionary today. They wrote him a giant letter 🙂 He’ll love to get it, but I’m again reminded of how much love he has for the disabled children and young men that he works with each day. Pray that God would lead Jeff in what the next step is–his return ticket brings him back to the US on March 13.


3 responses to 4 Things To Pray 4

  1. No problem! I’m on it!

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  3. I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for your weekend event. How did it go? Let us know about your new pastor and how your meeting went! Have a good week!