47 Days of Water

Easter is here! I am once again caffeinated. I tried to take it easy, but honestly, I just missed the stuff so much…I may go a little bit overboard this week (apologies to those of you that have to put up with me in person)!

Over the course of my challenge, I had two beverages that were not water. I confessed the lemonade thing a few weeks ago (honest mistake). The second time I slipped up was a conscious choice, but it was a moment of desperation and at the time I felt it was necessary for my survival. Plus, I confessed it immediately to my dear accountability partner (Whitney).

So, here are some things that happened as a result of 47 days of water:

1. (this one’s superficial) I didn’t lose any weight. I was surprised by this for a couple of reasons: Up until Lent, I had actually been losing weight. I’ve been working on that for the last year and I’ve actually lost a pretty significant amount. But during Lent? Nothing lost, nothing gained. I really would have thought that cutting out soda, mochas, alcohol and all other things I drink that have calories would have meant even more progress. Researchers, are you paying attention?

2. I spent a good amount of time praying for and reading about the water situation in our world. Too many people do not have safe water for drinking and hygiene. This is not acceptable.

3. I think I’m finally completely done with bottled water. In the past couple of years, I’ve mostly dropped the stuff, but this 47 days of only tap water means I’m completely over it, I think.

4. Water is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times. I spent time reading some of these passages and considering them in light of my challenge.

5. I got into many conversations about the water situation in our world as a result of this challenge.

6. I am sending my money to the Blood:Water Mission this week.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Becky,
    Thanks so much for your participation in 40 Days. All of us here at Blood:Water Mission are encouraged by your journey and thankful for the thoughts you shared! Would you mind if we posted them on our own blog?

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