It’s rainy with more rain on the way!

It makes for a cozy kind of day. I don’t have much planned for this morning, but I’m having lunch at school with Jonas and Jason today. Jason took Jonas to school this morning and then went to the store to get kitty litter and kitten food. Our cat, Simon (Jonas named her), had four kittens seven weeks ago. They are cute, but it’s time for them to find new homes. And then Simon gets fixed. She was a stray and we took her in when she was pregnant.

Anyone want a new kitten? I’ll post a picture whenever I figure that out.

Anyway, tonight I have a youth group movie night. Our movie nights are always a hit, even though no one really watches the movie. They play dodge ball, sardines, basketball, and run around together, so the movie’s just a cover. It’s always fun.