9 Things I Know, 9 Things I Don’t

Nine Things I’ve Learned To Do:

1. Drink coffee black. It’s not preferred, but sometimes it’s necessary.

2. Stop on my bicycle without falling…most of the time.

3. Exercise (almost) daily. I hate it, but I do it and it makes me feel better about everything.

4. Google to find what I’m really looking for. I’m good at trying different combinations of words until I find what I need.

5. Write thank you notes. They’re really important to some people.

6. Fold towels to make them fit in our new bathroom shelves. It’s tricky, but I think I’ve got it.

7. Make some basic finger foods that everyone likes.

8. Make the perfect pitcher of Kool-aid. I have made approximately 8,632 pitchers of Kool-aid since I started working at the church, so this possibly makes me one of the world’s leading experts.

9. Drive dear Jenny crazy. 9 is such an uneven number–couldn’t I have just added one more? No. I like the un-evenness.

Nine Things I Haven’t Figured Out Yet:

1. Stick shifts. Dad tried. Jason tried. Never learned.

2. Whistling. I know–put your lips together and blow. It doesn’t work for me!

3. The correct way to slice a tomato for salads.

4. When it’s appropriate to shake hands and when it’s appropriate to just nod. I know Miss Manners has some gender based rules, but not everyone knows them. Also, it’s awkward when someone wants to kiss me on the cheek, because I don’t think our generation really does that.

5. Chess. I understand the basic rules, but I lack any strategy and never know what the good move to make is.

6. The guitar. But I probably need to try a little harder on that one.

7. Applying nail polish to the the fingernails on my right hand.

8. Sewing.

9. To wear my hair down and leave it alone. I always have a ponytail elastic on my wrist.

Your turn! Blog your lists (choose any even or odd number you’d like).

One thought on “9 Things I Know, 9 Things I Don’t”

  1. 9 Things I Know (keeping the same number):
    1. how to massage horses. yup.
    2. stick shift. also, I rule at parallel parking.
    3. saying "estoy embarasada" in spanish does not mean you're embarassed. it means you're pregnant.
    4. how to blow air through my cupped hands to make a loud ooooooh (horn/whistle?) sound.
    5. how to jitter my eyes back and forth.
    6. eat squirrel. i'd never do it again, didn't really know i was doing it the first time, but i was young, it was squirrel pot pie, and it was actually pretty tasty.
    7. dig deep holes in the floor of a lake for hours on end with my sister.
    8. color-code and/or alphabetize things in my life.
    9. answer to multiple multiple possibilities outside of my actual name.

    9 Things I Don't:
    1. routinely make my bed in the morning. my mom tried her best, but it didn't stick to adulthood.
    2. why my cat thinks gnawing on me is a sign of affection. i'm not a fan.
    3. the appeal of the little blue book. it's nice but not that nice.
    4. God's plan for my life. still waiting on some clarity.
    5. why having classics as required reading in school immediately made them unappealing, even to this day. i'm sorry Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, so many others. I know you're wonderful. you're just better un-dissected.
    6. how people have forgotten the popple phenomenon. they're fuzzy little pals that pop out of pockets, people!
    7. why i was a Barbie girl when i was little. I just can't see it now.
    8. drink coffee. love the smell, blegh on the taste.
    9. how to get a consistent and comfortable amount of heat in an old house with radiators. last winter – horrible. not looking forward to this one.

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