Some Unco Projects

Sometimes, you go to a conference or a retreat and you have an awesome experience while you are there, and God does a lot of work in your heart and your life and you learn a lot of things…and you go home and life goes back to normal and you may remember a few things that you’ve learned and things move along.

And sometimes, something bigger happens.

It’s only been a week. But good things are happening following the UnConference last week. Here are links to a few things:

UNCOnditional–Unco11’s Water Project.

UNCOnformers–Unco11’s page for Intergenerational, generational and ministry family ministry (you have to read that slow and click on the link and it will make more sense).

Presbyterian Women’s Interest Group–On Facebook for now. Providing circles and discussion for women who do or do not have groups at their churches.

Unco Space–a place for conversations about all of these things.

Liturgy Link–technically born at last year’s UNCO, but still awesome. And with this awesome video.

Three UNCO mission projects:


Love Wins Ministries

Phoenix Project