A Few Kids I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for Jacob. At After School Club, Jacob teaches me about Yugi-Oh. At least, I think it’s Yugi-Oh. Mostly I just nod and smile and try to keep up. The only think I remember from yesterday’s lesson is that the yellow Dragon is evil. I told him that surprised me because yellow is a happy color. He said, “Ms. Becky….” and rolled his eyes.

I’m thankful for Riley. In my children’s sermon on Sunday, I was demonstrating the idea that there are some things we think we have to see to believe. So I asked the children what they thought a metal paper clip would do if I dropped it into a clear bowl of water. A couple said it would sink. A couple said it would float. Riley said it would “get wet.” Thanks, Riley.

I’m thankful for David. Yesterday in Sunday School, I gave 14 year old David a stack of papers to hand out. As I went on with the lesson, I noticed that David was folding each paper into an airplane and flying it at individuals around the room. I guess I should reconsider just picking the person sitting closest to me for help…

I’m thankful for Shelby and Trey who sat on either side of me yesterday during after school club and tried to do their homework. I say “tried” because mostly they were just giggling. Non-stop. Couldn’t stop, actually. How they got their homework done must have been God’s grace–for all of our sakes because I was about to go crazy.

I’m thankful for Chelsey. This morning at FCA, she decided to try a new trick. She started in the back of the auditorium, ran down the aisle and slid across the stage on her stomach. Like a penguin. Then, of course, everyone had to try it. Many times. But not me (in case you were wondering).

And, as always, I’m thankful for Jonas, who orders coffee ice cream, take a huge bite and then recoils in surprise because he “thought it would be warm.” LOL.

What are you thankful for today?

4 replies on “A Few Kids I’m Thankful For”

The sunshine!
My science club kids (as described in my post)!
Having two working legs that allow me to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!


That was too funny!

I am glad you can see such things positively, and in a way that could brighten my day!

Hey with the ever more persistent bladder as this pregnancy progresses I can completely agree with miss jenny, I am VERY thankful that I have two healthy legs to carry me to the bathroom at night.
I am also thankful that I am capable of concieving and carrying our child, after last summer and all the time that we have spent trying, it was beginning to get very heartbreaking thinking that I may not be capable of doing so.

Finally I have a kid that I work with that I too am thankful for. The other day she began her occasional outburst for no apparent reason of…”No,No, not-uh, not-uh!” at the top of her lungs and I said, “H- get a grip!” she turned around and said “You get a grip miss kristina!” It was the funniest thing since a majoraty of the time she is not very articulate and is hard to undertand her most days, but this was as clear as anything. It was hysterical! 🙂

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