A little bitty update

February 6, 2007

Hi everyone 🙂 My back is feeling better–thanks for the prayers and words of concern. It’s still a little tender and I’m still being a little careful about how I move, but it’s almost back to normal.

I’m sitting in my newly painted office (blue) thanks to Walt and Jason who prepared it and painted it. It’s a pretty color and I’m working on bringing in some new furniture–including a restaurant booth thanks to the Ridley family.

Jonas’ birthday is in two days. He’ll be eight. On Saturday, we’re having a rock climbing party at Vertical Excape in Evansville.

I lost my wallet yesterday. It made me really mad. It had my credit card, the church credit card, my debit card, my license, insurance cards, AAA card, etc. Blah. That’s really not fun–all of you should be extra careful to hang onto your wallets.

It’s cold here! But no snow….how about where you are?

2 responses to A little bitty update

  1. It’s crazy cold here, too! We’ve had a 2 hour delay for cold (below zero w/ lower wind chill), and got out 2 hours early today bc of snow. (Yay!) Sorry about your wallet. That sure is sucky…as I’m sure you will be surprised to hear, that has happened to me twice. Well, once it was stolen, once lost. As for the paint…cool! Just don’t stay locked up in there too long! No paint highs for you Missy!

  2. Brian and Kristina Schmitt February 14, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    Boo hoo…no snow in Hendo!