A New Cell Phone!

Well, over the weekend I got a brand new cell phone. It is nothing fancy, but I’m just glad to be back in business! I didn’t miss the interruption that a cell phone brings, but I know that there were a few people who were tired of not being able to reach me! My phone is the one in the image above. It has a camera 🙂 I can also get text messages and pictures–I’ll probably cancel that feature eventually since I’m not 14 and am too lazy to type on the alphanumeric keys.

I kinda like that word–alphanumeric.

Dr. Skelly started his time at our church today. I really like him and am really glad that he’s here!

I hope all is well out there in the blogosphere (that’s another word I like!).

2 replies on “A New Cell Phone!”

Sweet phone, very sweet. I got a new blog. This blog has to be the final one. it was a God thing how I came up with the format. Very smooth and inviting. Sorry I jump around so much. But, I have always been spontanous and wanting to try other things.

Groovy phone. (I like the word groovy).

And may Yahweh bless Dr. Skelly! (I like the word Yahweh too!)

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