A six year old talks about God

November 11, 2005

What an interesting evening! As we were sitting down for dinner, we had the following conversation:

Becky: Jonas, would you like to say grace?
Jonas: No, I want you to say it.
Becky: Prays
Jonas: Where’d you learn that?
Becky: I had a babysitter named Mrs. West who taught me that grace.
Jonas: Did she learn it at school?
Becky: No, she wasn’t in school.
Jonas: In college?
Becky: No, she was like a grandmother.
Jonas: How old was she?
Becky: I don’t know…about 70, I guess.
Jonas: Oh, that’s not old.
Becky: well…I didn’t say she was old, I just said she was like a grandmother.
Jonas: Oh. Do they have food in heaven?
Jason (who is already halfway through with his dinner): I hope so!
Becky: well, the Bible says that there will be a big feast.
Jonas: a feast?
Becky: Can you think of any pictures we have in our home that show that?
Jonas (thinks and points): Over there.

We have a picture called “The Invitation” hanging in our living room.

Becky: Yep! All of God’s people will gather around that table.
Jason: See how it never ends?
Jonas: Is that God?
Becky: Yes.
Jonas: I think it’s Jesus…No, God…No, Jesus…No, God.
Becky: well…
Jonas: what does God look like?
Becky: Well, what do you think God looks like?
Jonas: Invisible. Helloooo–the Holy Ghost! Invisible!
Becky: Well…sort of. I mean, the Holy—
Jonas: The Holy Ghost is the same thing as the Holy Spirit.
Becky: And the Holy Spirit lives inside of us…
Jonas: Did you know that there are people who don’t have any clothes or any food. We have to eat all of our food so that they won’t be hungry.
Jason: Well, when we waste food, it’s bad.
Jonas: Yeah, I’m going to eat all my food.
Becky: That’s good, because we’re really blessed that we always have food on our table.
Jonas: There used to be Indians who lived here and they didn’t wear any clothes. They just had like dresses and stuff.
Jason: They used to make all of their own clothes.
Jonas: yeah.
Becky: I think that we’ll go to Walmart tomorrow and take all of our old clothes to donate to people who need some–
Jonas: You’re not giving away my Cub Scout Uniform!
Becky: No, not your Cub Scout Uniform. The clothes in the attic that no one wears anymore.
Jonas: Oh.
Becky: And then we’ll go shopping for some food that we can take to church and put in a basket that will go to family so they can have a good meal at Thanksgiving.
Jonas: Will I get to see them?
Becky: No, but we’ll just know that there’s a family that’s having a good meal just like we are.
Jonas: I like to help people.
Becky: God wants us to help people, so I hope you always like to.
Jonas: I will!

4 responses to A six year old talks about God

  1. That’s awesome! What a wonderful conversation! That reminds me of the scene in “While You Were Sleeping” when the family is all sitting around the dinner table and talking. I love Jason’s interjections here and there!

    My grandmother would love Jonas… 70 is “not old”. She thinks the same way. She always tells us that we should never call old people old… but older. I hope whenever I’m 70 I’ll have the same mindset as Jonas does.

  2. We need to approach God like that more often. Ask Him the everyday, honest, simple questions. I think we’d be astonished at what it means that God is our Father. I love kids. Their is is the kingdom of heaven. I could chew on that for a lifetime.

  3. Becky how old is Jonas? I don’t think I have ever met him face to face. I would love to be as lucky as you are. To just talk to him. I would just love to sit and listen to what he has to say.

  4. Jonas is 6. He’s got a lot of good things to tell us about! It’s a lot of fun. A lot of people don’t listen to children–they just talk over them or tell them what they should say and do. But they have so much to tell us about if we let them!