A survey

March 31, 2006

I usually ignore these, but I thought I’d post this one! Post it on your blog and answer the questions!

*Birth date: May 17
*Age: 27
*Are you a righty or a lefty or ambidextrous: Righty
*Favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls
*Favorite movie you have seen: Ferris Buehler
*What’s your favorite flav of snapple:strawberry kiwi
*Favorite board game: Cranium
*Favorite ice cream:Rocky Road
*Favorite kind of perfume/cologne: Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret
*Favorite thing to drink: Chocolate Milk Shake or Diet Coke
*Your favorite holiday: Christmas
*What’s your favorite color? perriwinkle
*Any piercings? I have two holes in each ear, but they’ve closed up.
*What type of deodorant do you use: Degree
*Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Yes–high school typing class!
*Have you ever been convicted of a crime: NO
*What’s on your mouse pad: Blue bubbles
*How many rings before you answer the phone: two–so I can see who it is!
*Is the glass half empty or half full: half full
*Do you eat chicken with fingers or with a fork: depends. If it’s fried, fingers. If it’s baked, fork.
*What is the best number in the world:
*How many homes have you lived in: 7 (2 family houses, 2 dorm rooms, college apartment, first real apartment, our current house)
*Do you play any instruments: some piano
*Toothpaste: Crest
*Do you get along with your parents: I get along with everyone.
*Thunderstorms- cool or scary: both
*Roller coasters-cool or scary: Scary
*Chocolate or vanilla cake: Chocolate!.
*Favorite cereal: Cracklin’ Oat Bran

One response to A survey

  1. I am glad you filled this out. Surveys help me to catch up with people.