A Wedding!

Jenny is getting married!

Jenny is one of my very best friends. We met in college. She lived in the dorm room next to mine, but we didn’t officially meet until the first day of classes. We were in the same Education 100 class, taught by Raggae star and sometimes teacher, Mr. Lawson. After class, Jenny cornered me in the bathroom (that’s how I like to tell the story) and asked if I would have lunch with her.

Seemed like a good idea to me.

Turned out to be a GREAT idea.

We lived within shouting distance of each other for four years, including rooming together with four of our friends our last year at UE.

We celebrated birthdays with each other and with friends.

We played pranks on our neighbors after everyone had gone to bed (a tree taped to your door, anyone? threats about stolen underwear?).

We spent an entire day singing rather than talking (music day).

We studied in the hallway and at Steak n Shake.

We learned how to speak Jive together.

We were super jealous of the actual campus Gamers’ Guild, so we made up our own version and competed for Rattler Race and Tetris scores. I bet we had more fun.

We went to Aces Wild, midnight snacks at Upper Harpers, and even our dorm’s fire program where we learned to shoot fire extinguishers.

We joined campus clubs together, prayed together, and worshiped together.

We watched her old band competition tape together.

We used code names to speak about boys (Chip was at Sea, Noodle was in the Pot, and of course Robin was in the nest…).

We read and studied the Bible together our whole four years together at UE. From Bible Study led by Steve our Freshman year, to our small groups, to reading the book of Lamentations together in the Bower Surheinrich room, to the “your breasts are like Tufan’s” confusion, I was grateful to have a friend to read, study and pray with all the time.

We made up dances and made other people learn them and participate in them.

We freaked our Biblical Studies professor out by taking random pictures of her acting out inside jokes and having 15 people attach them to the back of their term papers for his classes (you kind of had to be there…).

We came up with ridiculous ideas, with good ideas, and with ideas we’re still not sure about. We celebrated together, we cried together, we handled tough situations together.

For those four years, we made a great team…and I like to think we’ve even been a pretty good team since then, although miles have gotten between us…and lately about 860 miles have gotten between us.

Everyone should have a friend like Jenny.

I remember two nights before Jason and I got married. I stayed the night with Jenny and went to the UE campus and sat on the school sign on Lincoln Avenue and had a heart to heart talk. She’s been around in one way or another during the ups and downs and twists and turns my life has taken during the last 14 years.

This weekend, she gets married. MARRIED! I’m so happy for her and Zach. I’m so happy because she’s remained faithful to God and to Zach even through some really dark times, and this weekend she will start a bright and exciting new life with the man she loves.

And I’m really excited to be there with her and finally meet the groom. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.

Congratulations, Jenny! May your life be full of the evidence of all the ways God has blessed you! And may you never feed him peanut butter french toast, because that stuff was nasty.

4 thoughts on “A Wedding!”

  1. I love this collection of memories. You are right: everyone should have a friend like Jenny. She is hilarious and good natured. Enjoy the wedding!

  2. Awww, that was so precious! You two were definitely a great team!

    Jenny has the key qualities of a fantastic friend, for sure!

    It's killing me to not be able to be there on her really special day, and not be able to meet the man that God picked out for such a unique and great person – because he sure must be unique and great himself!

    I am happy for you, though, Becky, that you get to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooo! Jenny is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Jenny!!!

    I especially love the one about Dr. Ware. I remember I had the picture of Jenny being Lydia of Thyatira.


  4. aww….man and I didn't think I would cry yet…shoot! I am so glad that all of us got a chance to meet up and spend a little time with one another even if we have all gone our separate ways now.

    I agree with KT, it is REALLY hard not to be there!

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