Advent (Day 8)

“So…everyone say one word that describes the past week,” I said, starting our youth group discussion tonight.




“5:30 a.m.”


“Stuffy–I’ve been sick.”

And there were a few more like that.

Many of them made a good attempt at quality, daily time with God. Many of them wanted to find peace and quiet and contemplation…but they are teenagers and some of them are busier than I am.

“Let’s keep working at it. Let’s work to find some peace this week,” I suggested.

“Finals are coming up…” One of the high school girls said.

“Don’t remind me,” replied another.

“There’s an academic meet this weekend.”

“I have a million things due on the same day, I think.”

I’m praying for them this week. It’s hard to Advent during the busiest month of the year.

Come, Lord Jesus!