We have moved. I think we set some kind of record for amount of time between receiving the keys and being completely moved to our new house. And we have unpacked about 1/4 of the boxes. The kitchen is unpacked and functional (I’ve even made a casserole for breakfast tomorrow and the coffee pot is programmed). I think we just hope that come Sunday morning (when my weekend ends), the house will be 80% finished.

We still have Jonas’ room to paint. Insight took about 6 hours to install internet and cable this afternoon and we couldn’t start while they were working. So we moved everything instead and will paint tomorrow.

Sam loves it here. This is the first time in 2.5 years that he hasn’t had to be chained up to go out in the yard. I think we’re all going to love the big, fenced in yard.

Jonas has been sick all week. The worst parents in the world have sent him to school 3 times this week, only to have him sent home EVERY TIME (honestly, he felt fine when we sent him!). He’s missed most of five days of school. But he’s excited to be in the new house and I think he’s feeling better…but I also thought that 3 times previously.

Jason and I are currently in separate rooms–him in his new office and me in our new bedroom. He can watch whatever he wants on TV or listen to whoever he wants on the radio or Youtube and I can have a quiet room to read, play online or write.

We are blessed. There have been challenges along the way in this home buying process, but we realize the fact that we’re able to purchase and live in a three bedroom house in a “safe” neighborhood with a fenced in backyard is a gift. Hopefully we’ll be able to share this gift with each of you at some point soon.

If you’re in Henderson any time soon, call for directions! I’ll have coffee ready.

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  1. Congratulations! So happy for you guys.

    Hoping we get to stop by for some coffee mid-April! 🙂

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