I have no idea what the afterlife will be like. Some people envision a heaven where we can wander around and have conversations and see people we haven’t seen since death. If heaven’s like that, there’s a man I’m looking for immediately.

Mr. George Hoffman.

He makes a lot of ministry I’m called to do at Presbyterian Church in Henderson possible. When he died, he left a large trust to five organizations in Henderson. Our church was one of the recipients. The rule? The money must be used for kids–all kids, any kid, every kid–in our community. His gift built our gym and classrooms. It funds our after school ministry. It provides money for scholarships for kids to go to camp, to events and on mission trips. It allows us to reach out and lend help. It allows for a paid youth director.

Included in Mr. Hoffman’s gift was a farm. I heard about the Hoffman Farm for years before I ever saw it. It was once a place of picnics and fishing tournaments, but by the time an elder actually drove me out there it was abandoned, overgrown and infested. I remember when we got out of his truck, I stayed on his heels because it was obvious the place was literally crawling with snakes. The house was vandalized, the access was difficult, the land seemed hopeless.

Our trustees and elders wrestled with it. They could sell it and give the money back to the trust, they figured. They began plans to do that.

But then…

We have a dad in our church who had a dream. His son, TK, was in a snowboarding accident several years ago and was left with a brain injury. Tim took TK out to Colorado a few summers ago to a Brain Injury Adventure Camp. They had an amazing week and Tim and TK began dreaming. What if they built a BIAC?

But where?

You see where I’m going?

Here’s what happened at the Hoffman Farm today:

What once seemed hopeless has become a place of hope. The Brain Injury Adventure Camp is happening. Today was a facilitators training for the low rope elements. The low rope course is almost finished. The zipline is installed. Last week, a grant came through for the high ropes course. There are plans for a lodge. Trike camps, autism camps and teambuilding days for various groups and companies are happening.

Nothing is impossible with God!

Rev. John Guthrie and I were walking through the camp today and he said to me, “I think Mr. Hoffman would be so pleased to know what’s happening here.” I agree completely. If I ever meet Mr. Hoffman, I won’t even know where to begin.

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  1. Loved reading the history of the Hoffman Farm. Thank you I’m sure Mr. Hoffman would be pleased.

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