Adventures In Keeping It Local

“Think Henderson First” is a campaign that the Downtown Henderson Project launched awhile back. Henderson County has a lot of wonderful, locally owned businesses and services and the campaign encouraged Henderson residents (and others) to remember this before jumping in the car and heading off to Evansville. I think the campaign has done a lot for local businesses, especially in our busy downtown area.

Supporting local business is a cause that has been on Jason’s and my minds since he started Durham Window Cleaning Service about five years ago. Jason has gained a true appreciation of what it means to buy and do business locally. He works for a lot of our downtown and around town businesses and he and I always try to reciprocate and do business with those places. We think it’s really important to support small, local business owners.

This weekend, several area farms and businesses sponsored the Back Roads Farm tour, which provided an opportunity for Henderson residents (and anyone else) to get an up close look at 14 local farms and the downtown Farmers’ Market (pictured above). Jason and I did not visit all of the farms on the tour, but we did go to a couple of them.

We have been buying our honey locally from Stone Hill Honey in Spottsville for awhile now. Consuming local honey is actually a very healthy thing you can do, especially if you have trouble with seasonal allergies. Stone Hill produces more than honey (we picked up some salsa), but bees are their business. While we were there, we played “find the queen bee” with an indoor hive and talked to one of the bee keepers about colony collapse disorder and how it’s affecting the Spottsville farm. I’m glad we visited.

At the end of the tour, we had picked up a watermelon from the Warren’s farm, peaches from the Daniel farm, corn and cucumbers from Cates Farm (at the farmer’s market), tomatoes and peppers from my father-in-law’s garden, and honey, salsa and honey sticks from Stone Hill. It was fun learning about some local farming businesses in our area and it’s good to know that money we were going to spend on food anyway went to support our local farmers.

If your community has a farmer’s market, you should definitely visit it and get some fresh produce. It’s good for the environment, good for your local economy, and better for you.

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  1. That sounds like quite a delightful day! I'm glad you took the time to participate.

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