After School Ministry

August 8, 2006

I survived the first day of After School Club, also.

Now, you may be thinking, “Big deal, 3 hours with elementary school kids–not much of a challenge.” If you think that, then you don’t spend a lot of time with elementary kids. I’m convinced that teachers are the real heroes of our society! They spend all day with the little darlings (5 days each week), spend their “breaks” waiting for the copy machine and eating cafeteria food, and have to deal with an entire classroom’s worth of parents who just know that thier little Johnnie would *never* paint on the wall! They are gifted, talented, and wonderfully patient.

Now, generally After School Club isn’t all too difficult to survive–it’s usually a lot of fun. BUT the first day of after school club of the whole year? That’s the part that’s tricky! New kids, new notes from parents, new list for pick up at the schools, wild kids who have never been to the church or who haven’t been to the church all summer and want to play with everything at once, last year’s kindergartners are this year’s first graders and now have daily homework that they don’t want to do, kids trying to figure out Miss Jodie and I and what we expect of them, kids trying to sneak extra snacks and spilling lemonade on the floor.

The one good thing about the very first after school club? The homework the kids have is all easy–mostly review. At least that helps the afternoon move along a little better.

One response to After School Ministry

  1. I totally missed this post before! (How is that possible???) Anyway, thanks for your props to the teachers. I know you were focused more on the elem. group, but, still, we encounter our own set of issues and many of those you wrote, too. Just to reciprocate the sentiment, I am thankful for those like you who are able to share with the kids what I am not able to verbally. Plus, you pick them up? And you help those little lovebugs with their homework! Wowsa! That’s pretty cool to me. I wishe we had something like that around here for our kids.