Last night at youth group, we were studying John 4 together. We’ve been walking through John’s Gospel together for the past few weeks. The Gospel was written so that we “might believe that Jesus is the Christ and in believing have life in his name.” (John 20:31) John 4 is the account of Jesus meeting the woman at the well in Samaria (why, yes! I did blog about that recently!). We had a great discussion about living water and true worship.

As we were finishing up our discussion, we had this conversation:

Stephen: “You know, it’s interesting that the woman wasn’t going to the well to find Jesus…she was just going for water.”

Me: (I can’t remember what I said. No doubt it was brilliant…or maybe I just rephrased what Stephen said, since that’s my usual method.)

India: “Hey! Yeah, she was just going to get water. She wasn’t even looking for God.”

Me: “Right! So–“

India: “She was just getting WATER and then JESUS found HER.” (I wish I could inject the expression on her face and the excitement in her words into what I just wrote.)

Me: “I guess that’s like us sometimes, right? I mean, we aren’t really paying attention to God or looking to find God in our day to day activities and then WOW. GOD.”

India: “YEAH!”

One of my favorite things as a youth director is when someone in the room actually GETS what we’re talking about. I mean, our group has a lot of smart people who usually understand what we’re talking about and they usually have some good things to say about what we’re talking about, but I LOVE that moment when one of the students has an AHA! moment with the Scripture. That’s what was happening with India–she’d understood the passage until that moment, but now she really GOT it.

There’s truth in her discovery. Many times it’s not us who find Jesus, but rather Jesus who finds us. We go about our daily tasks not really expecting anything extraordinary. We may not be drawing water at a well, but we’re eating lunch in a cafeteria, running laps in PE, hanging pictures on a bulletin board, cleaning the art room, preparing the multimedia presentation for Youth Group…

These are things we have to do. We may even dread doing some of them–I really dislike cleaning the art room, actually. Sometimes, though, even when we’re not bothering to make room or allow for the possibility, Jesus meets us and that mundane moment can become life-changing. I can think of many instances in my life where an ordinary moment became extraordinary when Jesus showed up.

It’s Monday. Mondays often feel…well, like Monday. Here’s hoping that in the midst of this day, God will find us.

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  1. As a teacher, I can totally relate. That's awesome!

    And it was a really cool discovery and moment of Truth revealed. She will never forget that revelation and it will undoubtedly be something she is able to cling to in tough time down the road. Very cool!

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