An Entire Day Of Whatever I Want

October 24, 2009

As you probably noted from my previous post, Jason is backpacking this weekend. He left this morning around 7. I left around the same time to put gas in my car, grab a hot beverage at Bridgeview, and come into the church to work on a project I almost forgot to finish and meet Rev. John to help him put bulletins together for tomorrow’s big service.

On a side note, as I was pre-paying for my gas, a (possibly intoxicated–or maybe just tired from working all night) guy around my age was chatting me up. He was apparently really impressed with my smile because he just kept talking about it. For about 5 minutes while the cashier was trying to figure out how to use my gas card from the HNS SCRIP program, he informed me that I was sure smiling a lot, that since his day is almost over he should be smiling, that he wondered what it was I had to smile so much about, that it sure did seem like I was smiling too much for it being so early, and that he just might block the door when I tried to leave so that I could keep smiling at him (the last one was pretty creepy and caused me to exchange a look with the cashier that I hope clearly conveyed the necessity of her keeping her eye on me until I was again safely in my vehicle). Either way, we had cash register success and I pumped my gas and headed for my hot chai latte, unabducted.

Today I get to do whatever I want to do. First of all, Jason is gone, Vallerie is gone and Whitney just got back in town from a fabulous week of vacation (although maybe we’ll spend time together later). Mama Jane is SICK, which makes me sad for her because being sick is no fun. I like days like today because I usually have such a busy schedule and lots of things to do. I think I’m going to go to some of my favorite places–namely Evansville’s collection of bookstores. And hopefully we’ll see some sun later and Sam and I can find somewhere to walk together. I love walking Sam in our new neighborhood. And tomorrow, I won’t need to arrive at the the church until 9, because of our combined service, so that will make for a nice, peaceful Sunday morning.

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!