It’s been awhile since I blogged a Jonas conversation, because he’s getting older and doesn’t appreciate me telling you funny stories about him. But I’m going to sneak this one in. Tonight, after Jonas comes home from his first time trick-or-treating with friends and without parents and he dumps his candy out on the table…

Jason: Now, don’t eat too much of that candy. (What Jonas heard: blahblahblah bedtime blahblahblah sugar blahblahblah not enough real food)

Jonas: Oh, don’t worry. I ate an apple while I was trick-or-treating.

Jason: An apple?

Jonas: Yeah, someone was giving out apples so I ate it so I wouldn’t just be eating candy.

Jason: You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t just eat an apple someone gives you one on HALLOWEEN!

Jonas: Oh, it’s okay. It was an old lady.

Jason: People used to put razor blades and needles in apples and give them to kids.

Jonas: It’s okay. It was an old lady. I’m so sure she was going to poison me.

Of course, in his defense, we’ve probably never told him people put razor blades in apples and we were always stealthy about checking his candy for any possible sharp objects or dangerous substances. Also, obviously there were no razor blades or needles and I’m sure the dear, sweet elderly lady passing out apples would never even think of doing such a thing….but it is funny how Jason and I both grew up hearing about how people poison candy and booby trap apples and we’ve never thought to share this information with our own trick-or-treater.

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