Arrow of Light and Cross Over

December 16, 2009

When Jonas was in first grade, he joined Cub Scouts. He was a Tiger Scout that year. I think Scouting is great programming for boys or girls because it allows kids to try many new skills and become good citizens (they don’t even pay me to say that!). Jonas and Jason have been involved in Holy Name’s Pack 50 for five years. Tonight, we took these pictures of his Cub Scout uniform.

He has earned so many patches and badges and special awards over the years. Most notably, he’s completed requirements for his God and Me award, his Leave No Trace award, his Community Service award, his Outdoor Activity award, his Conservation award and his whittling chip.

He has earned 17 belt loops (including ultimate frisbee, roller skating, map and compass, computers, BB gun–ummmm, yes, friends, I see why that’s funny–archery, geology). He has earned nearly 100 patches (including patches for several camp outs, laser tag games, popcorn sales, Christmas parades, Cub Scout olympics, and community service projects).

Tonight, Jonas received the highest honor a Cub Scout can receive: The Arrow of Light.

Well, as I’ve explained previously, Jonas is doing this thing where he refuses to smile. I threaten regularly to post every unsmiling picture online, so I’m just living up to my end of that promise.

Father Shonis talked with some of the boys before the program.

Isaac and Bill

Tolliver (in his Tiger Scout uniform)

Jonas receiving his Arrow of Light plaque. He also received a patch to wear on his new Boy Scout uniform.

After the Arrow Of Light Ceremony, it was time for the former Cub Scouts to cross over to Boy Scouts. Before they could cross over, they had to do three symbolic things:

Gather wood for a bonfire (to symbolize their willingness to work hard),

Gather and carry backpacks and tents (to symbolize their willingness to participate in Boy Scout activities),

Remove their Webelo hats, neckerchiefs, slides and loops (to symbolize leaving Cub Scouts).

Then it was time to cross over the bridge

and receive their new uniform pieces.

It was a very nice ceremony and it was great to share it with friends and to see the 9 boys that have been together for five years take this step together.

Bill and Randa, who were there with their son, Isaac.

Congratulations, Jonas!

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  1. Mr and Mrs Lorentzon December 17, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Wow, that's great! What a lot of hard work – definitely something to be proud of!

    I like the last family picture where the 2 of you are cheesing and Jonas is…not.

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  4. I'm assuming you mean information on the Arrow of Light? Sure. I just picked it up being a cub scout parent. I'm sure there's lots more sites with more formal information about the award.