Art Party

Tonight, I was invited to go to Art Party in Evansville. It was free tonight because Fox 7 was there filming a commercial. I was really just going because I like to find different things to do and it sounded like a good time.

In fact, I didn’t actually give much thought to the scary thing above until I sat down in front of it. I forgot how much a blank canvas makes me nervous! I am not an artist and I feel really intimidated about creating art.

But at Art Party, the instructor walks the entire class through creating a painting, step by step.

Each artist is invited to add his or her own elements to the basic painting. For example, a lot of artists put moons in their painting. The girl who was on the other side of my easel painted Elliott and E.T. riding their bike in front of her big white moon.

Here’s my finished work of art! “Edgar’s Dream.”

Some of the finished products were quite impressive!

It’s a really fun place to spend a Friday or Saturday night! If you’re local, you should grab some friends or your special someone (it would be a fun date) and check it out!