As Ready As I’m Gonna Be

Tomorrow’s the Turkey Trot!

Originally, this was my 5K–the race I’ve been training to run.

But then I got sick and training stopped for 6 weeks and not only did I not progress, but I actually lost a lot of ground.

I’m okay with that. I’ve resumed 5K training carefully in the last three weeks and plan to do my best tomorrow. I practiced yesterday (indoors, unfortunately, because it was raining buckets) and averaged just under 15 minutes per mile. That’s with walking and laps of slow running. My hope is that the actual race and course will help me push myself and go a little faster.

I get frustrated that I’m not faster and that I can’t just keep running the whole time…but I also realize that it’s just kind of fun to run when I can and that I don’t need to be so competitive or hard on myself…especially since I don’t actually have any competitors and it’s not like I’ve EVER been a runner or an athlete before. In high school, I could barely run a mile.

My sister is arriving at our house at midnight tonight (she has to work today and drive from Asheville, NC). She plans to run/walk with me tomorrow. I’ve given her permission to go all Jillian Michaels on me if I get too slow or wimpy.

So pray for me or think positively for me or whatever.  And Happy Thanksgiving!