Today, I spent a few hours with my sister and her partner, Jessie, in Asheville! It was so fun and Asheville is beautiful. We ate lunch at Neo Burrito and then went downtown and wandered around.



There are lots of fun sculptures. Here’s Carly with an iron:


And while we were at lunch, I started to tell them all about how Jonas and I have been geocaching, and they were all–NO WAY! We’re expert geocachers! …

Okay, that’s a lie.

But I was such an exciting geocaching storyteller (my only conclusion), that Carly really, really, really, really wanted to find a geocache. Not surprising, there were tons in Asheville. So we found 4 of them.


This Sculpture itself was a cache called “Paley’s Passion.”


Then, I realized, “Hey, I don’t have my car keys!”

Then I said, “But I’m not going to panic.”

And then, on the inside, I panicked.

We drove back to Neo Burrito and found my keys! They were in the ignition of my LOCKED car.

Which means I had to hire this guy from ACME Locksmith to break into my car for me.


Oh well. Even waiting 30 minutes to pay a bunch of money to a locksmith is more fun when it’s spent in Asheville with Carly and Jessie!