Astronaut Baths

Second graders Ava and Dain were doing their reading homework during after school club yesterday. The topic of the story was Astronauts. Ava thought it was hilarious that astronaut toilets have seat belts. Dain wanted to know how about astronaut baths.

“Well,” I said. “It says in your book that they take sponge baths.”

Dain wrinkled his nose.

Ava, however, has an idea for the astronauts:

“Here’s what they could do. They could fill the bathtub with water and then the astronaut could get inside and his astronaut friends could take a great big mattress and strap it down tight on top of the bathtub and then the astronaut could (*wigglewigglewiggle* motion) and get clean and then drain the bathtub and his friends could unstrap the mattress and then the astronaut could climb out and someone could hand him a towel and he could dry off and be all CLEAN!”

NASA, are you listening?

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