Becky and Sports

I’m not a big sports fan. Those of you that know me just kind of snickered because the fact is I’m not a sports fan at all. But I have an exception.

I love the finals of anything. I love the Olympics. I love the Super Bowl. I love the World Series. I love whatever the NBA finals things is called (maybe NBA Finals?). I watched two Kentucky games this weekend (I watched one of them all the way through–Saturday’s game against Tennessee–and watched most of the end of Sunday’s game). I have bookmarked the NCAA bracket so I can keep up with what’s going on.

I promise not to try to pretend like I actually know anything about any of these teams, but I’ve already circled the ones I like. Mostly, I based it on the actual schools they represent because I do know something about school.

I suppose my love for the finals of anything has more to do with my level of commitment to sports in general. I just really don’t want to take the time to keep up with them and watch them. I mean, I have like one show I watch on TV on a regular basis (any guesses?). I don’t have time to sit in the living room and watch sports.

BUT the Super Bowl, World Series and March Madness make it easy! Here are the best teams already playing. Plus, team spirit is way high and I’ve always been a sucker for team spirit.

So, let’s all cheer for UK and enjoy the madness!