Being A Theological Leader with Chap Clark

October 30, 2009

Opening questions: How do we honor Christ with our theology? Who are we as followers of Jesus and how does that impact kids?

I. The State of Christian Leadership
A. There is the temptation to quickly “arrive,” get noticed, be valued.
1. It is about the journey, not the destination
2. It is about how we slug it out every day
3. God intends us to experience the moment of beauty in each time and relationship.

B. There is disdain for the mundane
1. In Youth Ministry, we value up front things: speaking and leading
2. We do not value the mundane tasks–set up, clean up, phone calls, mailings
3. It is in the mundane that the presence of Christ dwells.

C. There is a reticence from young leaders to be led by older leaders.
1. What do the Scriptures say about leadership?
2. Do we act like we already know everything or are we willing to learn?
3. Are we unwilling to seek leaders who can speak into our lives?
4. Do we ask parents for advice and leadership, or do we treat them as enemies.

II. The Call of Christian Leadership
A. We need a thick theology of calling.
B. The Tiers of Calling
1. Our primary call is to follow Jesus Christ
2. We are never called to follow alone
3. We are called to be holy
4. We are called to be US.
a. I am called to be the most amazing me I can be.
b. I am not called to be anyone else but me.
c. I am created to be an amazing gift of God to the world.
C. There is a distinction between “vocation” and “job”
1. A calling does not equal a paycheck
2. Vocation flows out of who you are
D. There is an unquenchable thirst for growth

III. The Stewardship of the Christian Leader
A. The burden as well as the joy
1. Working with teenagers will devastate you if you’re only in it for joy
2. We are called to care for and love kids–you take the good with the bad
B. We have a need for true friendships
1. Very few people have true friends
2. To be a solid leader, you must go through life with good people
3. These friendships must transcend organizational boundaries (he said this when asked if we should seek friendships in our church or outside of our church)
C. We must live from the inside out

(the above was the main part of his talk.)

Definitions of Theology:
1. That which is thought of or said about God.
2. A dance with God where God is the initiator

What does it mean to think, live and lead theologically?
1. Appreciate Context–what is God doing in the world now? What is God doing right here and now?
2. Hold fast to a sound theological praxis that is
a. grounded in doctrine
b. styled by the fruit of the spirit
c. committed to the Kingdom of God
d. respond to God’s work and call