Better Than Shoe Carnival!

August 18, 2006

Okay, I was totally not going to blog anymore today–I mean the last post was kind of a stretch anyway. But then it happened!

The phone rang! It was Ohio Valley National Bank. Jason opened a business account there in the last month or so and he won a contest!

It gets better–he won a contest where he gets to get into one of those glass booths and grab as much money as he can! Up to $5000!

Things that could go wrong:
1. The news will be there–what if he’s so worried about looking like a doofus that he doesn’t give it his all?
2. It’s at 8:00 in the morning–what if the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet or what if he eats too much for breakfast?
3. What if the duct tape shirt that I make him loses all of its stickiness by then?
4. What if people call us all week asking us for loans because we may become thousandaires?

Things that could go right:
1. He promised me that he would tighroll his pants so that when he starts stuffing money everywhere it doesn’t fall out the bottom.
2. He’s really “lucky.” Things like this always seem to work out for him.
3. We’re going to practice all week with a leaf blower and some index cards.

I promise that I will be present to take pictures to post about it for all of you. I really, really wish we went to Shoe Carnival more often so that he would have had more chances to practice!

3 responses to Better Than Shoe Carnival!

  1. That is way cool! Way to go Jason! And, remember, I got to do that at Shoe Carnival when I was in college so if he wants any pointers or tips just let me know! That is really, really neato! Definitely post some pics!

  2. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon August 19, 2006 at 2:18 am

    ha! that’s the funniest thing ever! Especially that he has to tight roll his pants! And that you would practice with a leaf-blower (although I am assuming that was a bit of blogging humor and that you aren’t REALLY going to do that!


    (let us know if they show that news segment on the Internet…I could show all of my Swedish friends that I (kind of) know someone who is famous!)

    (The blowing about of money so that some “lucky” person has to try to catch as much as possible is an American phenomenon…I’m not sure what the Swedes would think of the great U.S. of A. after seeing that…)


  3. Well, I was joking about the leaf blower, but Jason thinks I’m also joking about the tight-rolling. He thinks he’ll look stupid…

    Of course, standing in a glass booth grabbing at money as it flies around…not exactly Nobel Prize material.