Bike Ride Afterthought

August 30, 2006

So, Jonas was really excited that he rode his bike last night–he’s had trouble riding without training wheels.

So when we came in, he called his grandparents to tell them about his adventure. After he talked to them, he wanted to call his mother. She told him that they would have to ask Santa for a bike for Christmas.

Jonas replied, “Okay, but we’ll have to get a little man who can run behind me in case I fall.”

I guess that Elevator Elf could come in handy in this situation, as well.

3 responses to Bike Ride Afterthought

  1. I’m tellin’ ya, that kid could make you millions if you’d send those things to Reader’s Digest!

    By the way, last night at dinner my “new friend” wanted to know my “story” so I was tellin’ her about high school and then college. At which point you came in because I always enjoy telling of our meeting over Revelation. Anyway, I always say, “And then my neighbor, Becky, bounced in….” (cuz you did kinda “bounce” in). Anyway, my point, the rest of the story you were refered to as “Bouncing Becky” and it became quite a funny part of the entire story. 🙂

  2. You’re too funny!

  3. Jonas is so funny. Your so lucky to have him.